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This page is designed for feed back kindly provided.
It is a new feature and being updated and developed.
Anonymised where requested, except the group name.
Links to Groups will be added where agreed, to the feedback.
All comments are provided freely from those who have received a presentation.

Who Shot JFK? Or rather who didn't

When I saw you in attendance as the speaker at the Ferndown Rotary event last evening I knew you would speak confidently and interestingly and be more than capable of 'holding' the audience but the totally amazing presentation you gave with all the research information you had collated quite took my breath away. 

It must have taken you a vast amount of time to prepare that hugely effective powerpoint presentation and to think that you have seven or so similar presentations up your sleeve too is just staggering. 

These few lines are to congratulate you very warmly indeed on a very professional performance, hugely appreciated by all those present. There was a saying Rotarians don't take too well to lengthy talks. They could have listened to you all night!

I wish you had eardropped on the many appreciative comments around my table at the end of the evening but instead take it from me, the evening was a huge triumph and YOU made it so. I know Ferndown Rotary wanted the evening to be special as they were hosting my Rotary club of Boscombe and Southbourne and other visitors and they will have been delighted with the result.
R.S. C/O Boscombe & S'Bourne Rotary present as guest of Ferndown Rotary.

Pirates - The Truth & Origins

Many thanks for your Pirate talk today, it went down extremely well with our audience.

One person who I saw earlier this evening said how much she enjoyed it and I certainly did.  Your knowledge about the subject was impressive and I had not realised that breadth of both time and geography that the topic of  ‘Pirates’ embraced and spanned.
H.B. Lyme Regis Society

Did Hitler Die in the Fuhrerbunker?

Richard very obligingly came at quite short notice to speak to us about the death of Adolf Hitler in his talk ‘Did Hitler Die in the Fuhrerbunker?’.  Meticulously researched and thought provoking, The talk was  above all highly entertaining and very well received by our members.
We look forward to having him back to speak to us again.                      

C.H.  Romsey Probus

Speedway - Racing Sideways

Many thanks for your excellent presentation, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
C.R. Yeovil Probus

Bigfoot - Fact or Fiction? in 2022
& Pirates -Truth
& Origins in  2024


“Presentations are both informative and interesting.  Well researched and delivered with confidence and authority.  Will be engaging him again in the future”

G.H. Castleton Probus (May 2024)


Just briefly to thank you  on behalf of us all for your presentation yesterday.   The detail of your research and the quality of the way it was conveyed were both most impressive.  I would certainly like you to visit us again in the future
A.B. Brockenhurst & District Probus Group

Who Shot JFK? Or rather who didn't

Thanks, Richard, for a captivating talk. 
I’ve been getting excellent feedback from members and I enjoyed our chat just before we all left. 
Secretary for Romsey Abbey Probus Club

Who Shot JFK? Or rather who didn't

Thank you for presenting at the Fordingbridge U3A yesterday. The feedback that I received was very favourable and I personally found your talk interesting
D.A. Fordingbridge U3A

Nikola Tesla - The Maverick Hungarian

Hi Richard
Many thanks for a brilliant talk today, it went down very well with those members attending
C.H. Poole U3A Talks Organiser

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